Yoni-healing and yoni-worship

The word yoni is used in India for the holy cunt.
In English translated,
this story is about cunt-healing and cunt-worship.
So this really is a cunt-story. :-)


You enter a nice and warm meditation-room or sacred temple. There is a lovely sensual smell. You are welcomed by a handsome priest, who will heal your cunt in a tantric way. He takes you to a warm bath with a sensual smelling oil. You are bathed and baptized by the priest. Your past, all your problems, all your feelings of guilt and all your superstition are washed away. He baptizes you in the name of the Great Mother, the Sky Father and the holy Child.

He dries you tenderly and you become warm. All coldness disappears from your belly and your cunt. He brings you to a Circle of Light and Love. He creates a healing ritual and calls the powers of tantric healing. Guided by these powers, he gives you a long sensual massage. Specially your hips, buttocks and thighs are massaged.

He puts you on your back with a pillow under your bum. He caresses your labia very intimately. Then the inside of your vagina. Deeper and deeper his fingers enter your holy cunt. He caresses the opening of your womb with his gentle fingers. ou have nver been massaged so deeply. And you relax more and more.

The priest kneels between your legs and starts licking your pussy. His tongue plays with your labia, tickles your clitoris and enters your holy cunt occasionally. He suck on your clitoris for a very long time. And he sucks your labia for a very long time. He worships your holy cunt with his whole heart and soul. And with his mouth and tongue.

You become very warm inside and you let go more and more. Eventually you lose control. You really give yourself to the healing tantric energy. You forget how to keep control. You reach an enormous orgasm. And this transforms you entirely.

As the goddess of the holy cunt, you return home. You are a reborn woman. You radiate confidence and inner strength. Your cunt and belly are warm and light. You change a lot of things in your life. You create a better and more happy life. And you decide, that you will return to this temple on a regular basis, for yoni-healing and yoni-worship. And you know, that your cunt deserves this. You know, that you need this and that you deserve this. And you know, that you are entitled to yoni-healing and yoni-worship.

Harmful shame:

Many women are ashamed of their cunt. They speak about 'the hole down there', 'the dark continent', 'the lower body', etc. Only a few women are proud of their cunt and stand tall for the rights of their cunt. Feminists of the 1970's wanted to be boss in their own belly. I never heard them speak about being in charge of their own cunt.

Dream of a student:

Dear Andreas.
This night I had a very special dream. I was wearing a very big trouser, which hid my lower body entirely. You did kneel before my cunt and wanted to take off my trouser. My lower body became warm. My head started a protest. "Who are you" my mouth asked. "I am the voice of your cunt" you said. My head blushed and was very embarrassed. My hips started to move rhythmical and I could not control it. You took off my trouser and started to lick me very intensely. My head wanted to stop you, but my cunt could not get enough of it.

This dream is representative for many western women. Upper-body and lower-body are two different personalities, and are in conflict very often. The head wants to repress sexuality, because it is afraid to lose control.

This dream also points out a way to healing. The shame and fear will disappear by licking and caressing the cunt with mouth and tongue very often and very intensely.

Life-pole and thinking-pole:

The earth has a north-pole and a south-pole. Force-lines run from the north-pole through the atmosphere to the south-pole. Some people consider this the aura of Mother Earth. From the south-pole the energy runs back to the north-pole through the heart of Mother Earth.

People have two poles, just like the earth. Our head is the thinking-pole, our sexual organs are the life-pole. At school we are thought to develop our thinking-pole. We use our thinking-pole to do our job. Especially when we use our head much. We also learn to repress our life-pole. We learn to block the flow of energy from our head to our sexual organs. In this way the energy stays in our head and the life-pole receives to little energy. And our thinking-pole deteriorates. As a result we feel unhappy, we develop a depression and we all kinds of mental and psychological problems. Our head becomes very heavy, because the energy does not flow to our life-pole. So we get headaches and pain in the neck. Our sex-life and our social-life is blocked, because we don't have enough energy in our life-pole. We get stress and all kinds of weird problems.

This is not a good situation. We become better humans, when we stimulate the flow of energy from the thinking-pole towards the life-pole and when we develop our life-pole. When we were ape-men, we had to diminish the life-pole to develop the thinking-pole. But we continued to long with this. That is why we are locked up in our thinking-pole. To liberate our thinking, we have to develop our life-pole. Tantric meditations and rituals are a good way to do this.

Cast away your shame, guilt and repression!

Women are sexually more repressed then men. Often, women have more difficulty with the previous story, than men. Most men don't feel bad about going to a whore and receiving a blow-job. And how many women go to a (male or female) whore and say: Lick my cunt! Women are conditioned to be reserved. You can decondition yourself by training. Ask someone to lick your cunt. Not just a few licks and then 'the real thing'. When you give a man a blow-job and he ejaculates, that is the whole ritual. Why can't women expect the same? Let your partner lick your cunt regularly, without doing something in return. Have him/her lick your cunt for a quarter of an hour and then go to work. And if your partner don't want to do this, or if you have no partner, then go to a whore.

Sounds pretty vulgar, right? Going to a tantric priest for yoni-healing sounds a lot better and more spiritual then: "Let a whore lick your cunt". It is good for you to develop your spiritual sexuality as well as your vulgar sexuality. You become a more liberal person when you exercise yourself in rude behavior and using rude language.

Lingham-healing and lingham-worship:

The word lingham is used in India for the holy dick. We can worship the holy dick just like the holy cunt. And we can use the same kind of rituals.


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