Liberation through tantra

Accept your sexuality

In a Chimpanzee colony dominant males try to prevent mating between lower males and fertile females. (Frans de Waal: Chimpanzee-politics.) Humans do the same thing. Dominant males (priests) put limitations on the sex-life of lower-ranking people. This limitations did and do not apply to the dominant males of a society.

The dominant male Moses gave even more strict rules to his people. The Jews are still suffering under this dominant male. Then Jesus came and tried to liberate the people a little bit. After he was crucified by dominant males, another dominant male rose up. In the name of Jesus, Paul and his followers gave the Christians even more strict limitations. By the fire and the sword many people were subjugated and forced to bow for the Jewish-christian law.

In 1904 Aleister Crowley came out with the law of Thelema: Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law. Love under Will. This law is an antidote to the Jewish-christian law.

Many spiritual people try to repress there strong sexual desires. Because they do not fit in the Jewish-christian law. Spirituality and the repression of your body do not go well together. Spiritual people are honest about their sexuality and accept it. Even if their sexuality is gay, bi-sexual or sado-masochistic.

Judging by the many emails I receive and the many people who ask for my guidance, many spiritual people struggle with sado-masochism. They really want to worship and serve a female as a goddess and/or a male as a god. In Christianity there is no place for such role-playing. In tantra you can play as much as you like.

In tantra, every female is a goddess and every male is a god. And the god and the goddess are both in every human being, if you accept yourself as a hermaphrodite (a being with both sexes).

To unite spirituality and sexuality, we have to walk the path of tantra. We have to accept and to explore our sexuality.

Many psychic problems and inner conflicts are the result of conflicts between our male-side and our female-side. When we accept our male AND our female side and we become a hermaphrodite, we become much better people. Then we become successful, we are happy and we love ourselves and other people.


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