Britney Spears: Priestess of Kali Ma?

Comment on Britney Spears showing it all.

At the end of November 2006 Britney Spears showed her cunt to paparazzi. The reactions and comments are very informative.

I know that the word 'CUNT' is considered rude by most English speaking people. I use it intentionally. Why is the word 'CUNT' rude? Why should you talk Latin (vagina) as soon as sexual organs are discussed? Should we be ashamed of our sexual organs? Or should we be proud? Do we want to force women to be ashamed of their cunt? Or do we grant them the freedom to talk about there most sensitive parts in plain English?

Analysis of some comments

The comments on Britney's flashing of her cunt tells us much about British and American society and the male chauvinist pigs that dominate the media in those countries. Also very telling are some of the photo's of Britney's cunt.


At some websites you find pictures edited like the one left. "So gross" ??? What kind of society raises boys in such a way, that they produce this kind of material?

When Janet Jackson showed a nipple at the super-bowl, the USA was shocked. Americans are not shocked by atomic bombs, nerve gas or smallpox. Americans are shocked at the sight of a nipple. Now Britney shows her cunt. How many Americans died at the sight of her cunt?

Responsibilities of artists and celebrities

Being a celebrity has some advantages: You get a lot of money just for being at an event. Ordinary people have to pay, if they are admitted to those events. But being a celebrity is not only fun and getting a lot for just being. Celebrities also have the responsibility to take the lead when society should be changed. A celebrity should be a role-model and should show the way to new relationships, a new society, a new paradigm.

Madonna does understand this very well. She is a priestess. (The words priest and priestess are derived from the greek presbyteros: a person leading his/her society by giving a good example.) In all her performances Madonna shows love for a physical life, love for sex and acceptance of her female sexuality. She published a book about herself with the title "SEX". She gave American and British society a good lesson. What Madonna published, should be taught at high-school. Young boys and young girls should grow up with acceptance of the physical body and the sexual organs.

Madonna: SEX

Britney as Kali Ma

Kali Ma is a Hindu-deity, the Great Mother, bringer of life and death. Often she is envisioned with a necklace of human skulls around her neck. Many people see her as the goddess of death and destruction, but she is much more!

Visualize Britney as the incarnation of Kali Ma. Envision her as being 100 meters tall. Visualize Britney Spears completely naked, with a necklace of human skulls around her neck. See her trampling down the hypocrites, the people who want to make us ashamed of our body. See her singing:

Get naked, Get naked, Get naked, Get naked,
Get naked, Get naked, Get naked, Get naked,
Take it off, Take it off, Take it off, Take it off,
Get naked, Get naked, Get naked, Get naked

I'm not ashamed of my beauty, you can see what I got
Might freak you out, imagine if I work it out
If I got on top, you're gonna lose your mind
The way I put it down boy you know should be up

Get naked, Get naked, Get naked, Get naked,
Get naked, Get naked, Get naked, Get naked,
Take it off, Take it off, Take it off, Take it off,
Get naked, Get naked, Get naked, Get naked

Doesn't this song say it all? Don't be ashamed of your body, show what you got. Throw away shame and fear and set your body free. Liberate yourself and the people around you.


So many Americans are afraid of female sexuality. Why? Is it a matter of upbringing? Or are most Americans gay?

Male priests of patriarchical religions (Jews, Christians, Muslims) are very afraid of the cunt. They fear and loath it. They teach women to be ashamed of themselves. They tell women: "If you show your cunt, you are a very bad person."

Thanks to these priests, males in America have a very repressed personality. They rather kill than fuck. Isn't this sick?

Burn your panties

Around 1970 women in America burned their bra. They started to liberate themselves. The incident at super bowl with Janet Jackson shows, that America should be liberated again. Let us start a new sexual revolution, this time dominated by women. Women like Britney Spears and Madonna.

Britney, if you read this: Organize a festival for women who want to burn their panties in public and shock male pig chauvinists around the world by flashing their cunt. Show the priests of Jews, Christians and Muslims that you are not intimidated, not ashamed. Show them, that you are free. Show them, that you choose life rather than death, a good fuck rather than war.


yes visualize her as Kali ma! In every woman is Kali ma (mostly hidden) good & provocative articles!are you sometimes giving lectures on the subject of sex & spirituality? let me know..., Diego

Thanks for your response, Diego.

Lectures, workshops? I live in the Netherlands in Europe. Do you live in the USA? I am willing to give lectures and workshops in he USA, but I can't organize it. But if I am invited, I can try to schedule it.

In the Netherlands and Germany I give lectures and workshops about tantra, magic, bio-programming, shamanism. For female-shamans I give special workshops with yoni-healing etc.

Light and Love, Andreas

What do you think about Madonna, dumping Britney, because Britney quit with the Kabbalah?

First of all: As long as Madonna doesn't speak out in public, it is just gossip.

If this gossip is true, then it seems that Madonna is creating a cult. You are either in or out. In that case, Madonna becomes a bit like Tom Cruise with Scientology.

In my opinion, it is wrong to build a wall around your spirituality to keep followers in and outsiders out. That is what is basically wrong with Jewish religion and many christian cults and other cults. Every person should follow his/her own path. Britney should follow her own path. If she would follow Madonna, she would become Madonna's shadow. I like Britney as a star.

Think about what saint Alice Bysack wrote in Liber Al vel Legis. Saint Alice Bysack was in fact Jesus, returning to earth. He told the people 'I come like a thief in the night'. Saint Alice was not recognized as the returned Jesus. So the Christians missed the second coming. As Jesus he was hated so much, that he was crucified. Saint Alice was hated so much, that she/he was called: "the most wicked person of the British Empire". And that was at the time that the sun would never set in the British Empire.

Her words:

There is no god but man. Every man and every woman is a star. There is no law but 'Do What Thou Wilt'.

And the most important statement:

'The Khabs is in the Khu and not the Khu in the Khabs.

I don't know if Britney knows the law of Thelema on a conscious level. But she is practicing the law of Thelema on an instinctive / intuitive level.

Light and Love, Andreas

Britney Spears' 6-month sex ban

Britney got a sex ban from her parents. What do you think bout that?

What do you think about her medication? She is using an anti-anxiety drug at the moment.

Britney is 26, a little bit old for parents to treat her like a child.

Her parents took away her childhood, Britney became a star when she was far to young. Now the parents are blaming other people for their daughters breakdown. But the parents are responsible for her upbringing, they turned Britney in a woman, who is desperate for attention.

It would be best for Britney to stay away from her parents, to break away from her upbringing and to TRANCE-FORM herself. Or re-invent herself.

I made a lot of TRANCE-FORMATION CD's designed to break away from parents, to re-invent or TRANCE-FORM yourself.

I don't know about her medication. Against anxiety and/or depression I would recommend (in general) L-Tryptophan 350 - 500 mg just before you go to sleep. Don't eat with it, just take it with some water. During the day one table-spoon (15 ml) of hempseed-oil. With 15 ml hempseed-oil you get about 5 ml omega-3, which stabilizes the brain. L-Tryptophan is an amino-acid. Your brain can make serotonin from it. In many cases it is better than anti-anxiety drugs or anti-depressant drugs. But you should not combine L-Tryptophan with an anti-depressant drug.

Hempseed-oil is a very healthy substance, that should be used every day by everyone. L-Tryptophan can be used every day of your life, it has no known site-effects, as long as you don't combine it with anti-depressant drugs.

A sex-ban for Britney ???

If the parents are serious about that sex-ban, they are completely insane. 6 months without sex for an average woman at the age of 26 is very unhealthy. Britney has a very strong sex-drive. No sex for 6-months would drive her insane. If the parents want to keep her away from bad boys, they should employ a male-whore or a male sex-slave. LOL! That would be a nice present for their daughter.

Light and Love, Andreas


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